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We then send you back the raw WAV files once your song is completed, or you can get us to mix and master your track for you, then all you have to do is give it to your distributor to release to the world, and upload it to your SoundCloud or Social Media site you blow your friends and family away. So what are you waiting for, Let’s make a record, and get those songs out to the world! 


With your basic package, we will create a rhythm section including bass guitar, and drums, then add some nice sounding piano or keys to your track to give your song a little more vibe. We use high-quality industry-standard Vst Instruments to create your backing track. You will need to have very good ears to ever believe that these instruments were not recorded in a pro studio.  Most of the music you hear on the radio now uses a blend of Vst’s and real recorded instruments. This gives you a great-sounding production. 


Maybe the vibe you are looking for is a mix of real and virtual instruments. We can really fill out your production with both elements. We produce the whole thing for you and organise all the musicians, studio engineers, and recording studios. You just need to give us a good vocal and instrument recording and we can bring the wow factor to your songs. Finally, record the songs you have.

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