My Gift To You

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My Gift To You

Adrift. You awake alone.  Unknown and unloved, pale and lifeless is hope’s final perch. A tired and estranged liaison to a now withered and long-forgotten dream that once lived in a place called I am. For now, futility lives amongst the shadows while the death of illusion can rot, and fertilise the soil of your mind so it may be reborn under an ancient moonlight.

The one true giver of life from which all things were born bestows upon you this opportunity, a last chance breath of life into your weary soul.  Now awake you are reborn, except for this gift of self-awareness and bow your head with humility you now stand amongst us on the cold altar of reality.

jason kearney studio (550 × 460 px)

My Gift To You

Thanks for taking the time to check out my post. These posts are just thoughts, music, rants and musings of a Gen X kid. 

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